Bolikhamxay Province, located just south of Vientiane in central Laos, is a center for ecotourism activities with its two national protected areas and extensive system of wetlands. 
In terms of scenery there is the karst limestone mountains and three waterfalls; the Tad Leuk, Tad Xay and Tad Xang.

Those on Laos tour packages coming into Bolikhamxay do so largely to enjoy what nature has to offer: One can take nature walks with village guides through the park's old growth forests and well-known waterfalls-Tad Leu, Tad Xay and Tad Xang.  Also of interest is the natural cool springs along the Nam Mang River, a pleasant site for swimming and enjoying a picnick.

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The cold spring is located in the Kham Lot district of Bolikhamxay province, which has many large mineral water springs and many streams flowing from the mountains or down the mountain. So, from far away heard the water jumping up and down and the sound of water flowing from above as sounds like melodious music, just as the epic nature of nature.

According to the test results, the mineral water here is qualified for drinking water, for bathing. Especially, when bathing here, visitors dipping in water can cure arthritis, gastrointestinal tract, blood pressure, smooth skin, white hanging and fresh.

Bolikhamxay is a province with many hills, mountains, natural forests and mineral springs, where there are mysterious wilderness valleys.

For a mineral bath, you can swim, dive right in the cool stream, or go to the bathing area. Around the stream area, there are many guest houses that provide services for indoor bathing in the bathrooms.

In addition to the mineral bath service, there are many other sub-services, such as for you who need massage, relaxation combined with mineral bath.

You can also play Tubing game, drop yourself on the stream with float swimming in Vang Vieng or you can sail on the stream. Here, many shops rent swimming buoys, life jackets, boats to relax on the stream.

Besides, you can also visit some famous landmarks of Bolikhamxay such as: Hoang Long Cave (Golden Dragon Cave) ...

The true mineral springs of Bolikhamxay are truly the ideal destination, a meaningful gift for your health and the natural treasure of Bolikhamxay.

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