Here's an article with a few good nuggets, but also contains some condescending opinions. at writes about consanguineous sex and inbreeding, which aren't always the same thing.
Incest is defined as having sexual relations with close family members, and throughout the majority of the world the practice is not only taboo but also illegal.

In many places, yes, but not all.
However, just because people won’t admit to partaking in incest does not mean that the practice does not occur.
Consanguinamory happens a lot more than most people think.
In some circumstances, incest is a necessity  and multiple studies have shown that offspring of distant relatives are actually healthier than the general population.

I'm not surprised.

However, the risk for life-threatening deformities and diseases among inbred children is not as high as you may believe.

Right. Most children born to close relatives are healthy, and, depending on genetics, might be highly intelligent.
A 2008 study on 48 cases of incest found that the risk for birth defects is around two percent in the general population but rises to only four percent between first cousins. However, due to the sensitivity of the subject, there was no information available for the children of incest between closer relations.
Children are born to closer relatives every day. It's ridiculous that bigotry is keeping science away.

The article goes on to talk about Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Whatever anyone wants to say about why some people engage in consangiunamory, there's no good reason to perpetuate bigotry in law or discrimination against consenting adults.

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