Business travel kept the Population Health Blog from being able to watch the live broadcast of Fox Network's "24."  Good thing the spouse DVR'ed the show for the PHB's later viewing pleasure. 

We turned it into a date night.

While it was inspired by the derring-do of super-spy Jack Bauer, the PHB couldn't help itself, and combined some of lessons of 24's TV drama to the conundrum of health care reform.  That's why it concocted this multiple-choice test that simultaneously challenges readers' knowledge of 24's opening episode and Obamacare:

1) After being "off the grid" for four years. Jack reemerges in London, only to be taken into custody by the United States.  Jack is captured because (chose the best answer)......

a) that was his intent all along,
b) his EHR-enabled Google glasses decision support suggested that was the best course of action,
c) his handgun accidentally discharged and traumatically amputated the great toe on his right foot.

2) The U.S. President, who is visiting London, is apparently suffering from a progressive dementing illness.  Viewers know this because (chose the best answer)......

a) he got mixed up over the difference between Ted and Franklin Roosevelt,
b) he believes that the U.S. would be better off with a "single payer" health care system,
c) he believes past-President Obama's malpractice reforms will eventually have an impact.

3) Chloe O'Brian has gone from employed, blond and naïve to unemployed, goth and tattooed. That's because (chose the best answer)......

a) she's gone renegade,
b) if her income were higher, she wouldn't qualify for health insurance premium subsidies,
c) staring at 5 computer monitors simultaneously for so many years has addled her brain.

4) When a Bauer confederate climbed to the top of a van and readied a rocket propelled grenade, the PHB spouse said (chose the best answer)......

a) "Watch this!"
b) "I can't wait until the Blacklist comes on."
c) "His noble visage reminds me of my husband!"

5) Evil doers have figured out to remotely hack drones' Hellfire missile systems. They can do this because (chose the best answer)......

a) of an evil intent against the national interests of the United States,
b) they did not rely on the information technology contractors responsible for the debacle,
c) that's a risk of handhelds when they're not put on airplane mode prior to take-off.


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