Want to donate blood for money? Good. You’re helping people while helping yourself. And did you know that the blood most people give gets sold? The Red Cross and other blood banks run quite a business. They ask people to give a product, then they sell it. The Red Cross alone sells about $2 billion worth of blood each year. Understandable. The organization is helping fill a need so I’m not upset. However, 99% of people giving don’t realize they are giving something which gets sold. The lack of transparency is a little disturbing.

For each blood donation, you give a pint of blood. A single pint of blood sells for between $180 and $300, depending on supply and demand. For many people, that’s more than they earn in an entire day.
With this said, you don’t always have to give your blood away completely. You can donate blood for money. After all, if people began saying ‘no’ at Red Cross blood drives, the Red Cross would start paying everyone. Everyone would donate blood for money. Though they don’t, there are still ways of getting paid for your resource. There are still ways to make money with your blood – despite many people giving it away for free.
You can ask to receive payment for the blood you donate in the future at many blood banks around town. It’s still considered a donation, you’re just earning a reward for donating. This post shows you where to go, how to donate (sell), how much you can get paid, what it likes to give blood, if it’s considered taxable income and more. My goal with this post is to answer all of your questions on this topic. And if something isn’t covered, leave a comment. I usually reply to them within 24 hours.
Note that you’re not paid the full amount of what it gets sold for. This is the ‘donating’ part of “donate blood for money.” Unless you’re selling directly to hospitals (which isn’t an option) there’s no way of getting the entire $180-$300 per pint that I mentioned earlier. Instead, think of it as getting a commission of the sale. And you can still give yourself a huge pat on the back for being a blood donor – a smart blood donor!
Don’t get me wrong, if you still want to give away your blood once a year when the truck rolls around to your office building or school, by all means. But for the other times, donate your blood for money. If you like extra money, that is.

What Is Blood Plasma and Will I Harm Myself by Selling It?

Since plasma is so valuable and companies are willing to pay a lot for it, shouldn’t you want it as well?
Does donating plasma harm your body?
Blood plasma is the single largest component of your blood. It’s about 90% water (pretty cool getting paid to donate water) salts, enzymes, antibodies and proteins. When you donate, you’re donating your plasma which means you’ll be missing it afterwards. The good news is that staying hydrated before and after donating means you will minimize the after affects of donating. After affects mainly include feeling tired and having a sore arm from the needle.
Your body begins replenishing its blood plasma supply as soon as you begin to have it withdrawn. So while you are giving away plasma in the short-term, it will quickly return to normal levels within two days. What’s important is that you get hydrated before donating and stay hydrated afterwards. This is accomplished by simply drinking water and/or salty sports drinks such as Gatorade as they help replenish the salt content in your plasma. By staying hydrated, you will likely have no negative after affects except for maybe a slightly sore arm.

Amount of Money You Can Make by Donating Your Blood (Plasma)

$500 bill
Most people refer to it just as donating blood but it’s what’s in your blood that matters. Plasma. When asking how to donate blood for money, you’re really wondering how to donate plasma for money. But don’t worry, as far as you are concerned, it’s just a blood draw. The extraction of plasma isn’t something you need to worry about.

People Who Cannot Donate Blood for Money

Not everyone can donate blood for money. If any you fall into any of these groups, you are ineligible for the time-being. However, if you have questions, please contact the blood bank which you plan to donate to before arriving. Ask them about your concern. Requirements could vary slightly. Please don’t try to try to skirt the rules. They are in place for a reason. Just make sure the rule is still a rule between the time you read this and the time you visit. Some of these rules make go away soon…
This list was derived from mayoclinic.org:
  • Anyone who has ever had drug injections not prescribed by a doctor (think illegal injection drugs or steroids)
  • If you’re a gay male – but the ban may end soon
  • If you’re on a blood clotter
  • Anyone who is HIV-positive
  • Anyone who has exchanged sex for money or drugs
  • Anyone who has had hepatitis after their 11th birthday (don’t ask me why)
  • Anyone who’s had babesiosis or Chagas’ disease
  • Anyone who has spent five years in Europe between 1980 and present
  • Anyone who has spent 3 months or more in the UK from 1980 through 1996
  • Anyone who has taken etretinate (Tegison) for psoriasis
  • Anyone who has received a blood transfusion in the UK or France between 1980 and present
  • Anyone who has risk factors for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) or who has a blood relative with CJD
  • Anyone on isotretinoin (commonly referred to as Accutane though Accutane is a name-brand which is no longer in production) is barred from donating blood. Today, isotretinoin is sold under the brand names: Claravis, Amnesteem, Absorica, Myorisan, Zenatane. This drug is most commonly used for treating severe acne. You will know if you’re on this drug since you’ll have had to sign a lengthy medical waiver due to its side effects.

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