Ibrahim Al Haq wrote “Hard Look: Incest as Taboo” at the-underground.ca...
The mere sound of the word ‘incest’ invokes emotions of repulsion and disgust.
Among some, yes. I prefer the term consanguinamory when talking about consensual relationships and not abuse.

Defined as the consensual sexual or romantic relationship between family members and close relatives, incest has become one of the biggest social taboos human beings have developed over time.
There have been many rules (customs, laws) about sex and relationships over the years, but there is a general move towards recognizing that consenting adults should be free to be together how they want.
Incest is a social taboo because of how it challenges the morals of what counts as right and wrong, as well as the genetic disorders that occur through inbreeding depression.
People like to cite Discredited Argument #18 , but that isn’t the origin of laws against consanguinamory.
Uniquely, incest is taboo across all cultures throughout the world although there are some variances on the extent of socially acceptable forms of incest.
It’s not true that every culture has had a taboo on all sexual, romantic, or spousal relationships between close relatives. In some places, it has been reserved for royalty. The reality is, these relationships have always existed in all cultures.
“To me, I believe it is wrong because you grew up with these people and you see them in all stages of life so they know you so well,” explains Kent Lang, a first-year computer science student.
That doesn’t follow.
Greek mythology mentions the infamous case of Oedipus who killed his father so he could marry his mother.
If I recall correctly, he wasn’t aware of what he’d done until he was informed at the end of the story.
European monarchs often engaged in marriages between first cousins when no other suitable suitors could be found. In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs married siblings in hopes to strengthen the line of succession for future generations.
Yes, and don’t forget Hawaii.
“It’s a trust that can be exploited,” says Marilyn Yogarajah, a first-year political science student. “Abuse of power can come into play especially with relationships between older family members with a younger family member.”
Ah, yes. Discredited Argument #20
Incest also challenges the institutions of marriage and love that has been established in our society for centuries.
How so? We’re not told. Allowing more people to marry the lover(s) they want to marry doesn’t challenge marriage or love, it honors those things.
Representation of incestuous relationships like that of Game of Thrones does not depict incest in a healthy and positive light. Rather, it works to create a negative image. Maybe that can also shed some light on why incest has failed in terms of tolerance.
It would be great to have more positive portrayals.
Perhaps the best way to reduce this social taboo is to show more positive incestuous relationships in media, literature and even in today’s society.
That would be one way, yes.

It is time that our laws and culture fully supported the rights of consenting adults to share love, sex, residence, and marriage, without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination. That’s one reason why full marriage equality is so important.

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