Want help selecting paint colors for your room?  Stop reading right now and
order our paint color selection service!  Or if you insist on DIYing it, here are 4 fast tips...

Interior Design Color Wheel Helps You Harmonize Your Interior Design Projects.Everyone always points you to a color wheel to learn about color combinations.  If you can figure that thing out YOU Go Girl/Boy.  I have advanced degrees and cannot.  But, a color wheel is the cornerstone of color wisdom so we must go there.   It tells us about complimentary, monochromatic, primary and analogous colors.  If you understand those things - you are well on your way.  

And then there's Color Psyche
Warm colors excite us.
Cool colors calm us.
They can actually lower your blood pressure

At MyDesignGuide, we use these color palettes to guide our interior designs process.  You tell us what you like, our interior designers make it happen.

Bold                                   Neutral

Tuscan                              Jewel Tones

Earth Tones
Or you can choose a paint color palette from something that inspires you like...

A Spa
Art Reproduction Oil Painting - Tuscan Country: The Tuscan Sun - Classic 20" X 24" - Hand Painted Canvas Art
Finally, use the interior designers "60-30-10 Color rule."

For example, 60 percent of a room, typically the walls, should be one color of a paint color scheme. The color of the cabinetry and/or furniture accounts for the 30-percent figure. And accents and accessories such as plants, artwork and linens make up the remaining 10 percent. Below the linen/white walls and furniture are the 60%, the blue art and chair as 30% and the pink 10% (more or less).

So if you need help choosing paint colors, here's the skinny:

1.  If you can figure out the color wheel, let me know. You are amazing.
2.  Choose WARM tones or COOL tones for your room.
3.  Create a color palette that inspires you.
4.  Use the 60-30-10 rule to paint your palace like a pro.

Or if this is all too complicated;  don't forget, we are here to help.


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