1. Signal Processing with Fractals: A Wavelet-Based Approach-G. W. Wornell
  2. Wavelets with applications in signal and image processing by A. Bultheel
  3. Conceptual Wavelets - Digital Signal Processing (DSP), D. Lee Fugal ( Few chapters from forthcoming book).
  4. The Wavelet Tutorial: The Engineer's Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis, by Robi Polikar
  5. Wavelets and wavelet thresholding by M.H. Jansen
  6. An Introduction to Wavelets by Amara Graps
  7. Introduction to Wavelets by D. Zorin, J. Owens
  8. Wavelets and Signal Processing -Ian Kaplan
  9. A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis by Christopher Torrence and Gilbert P. Compo.
  10. A Wavelet Tutorial (based on S. Mallat's book)
  11. Wavelets for Computer Graphics: A Primer, by Eric J. Stollnitz, Tony D. DeRose, and David H. Salesin
  12. Overview of Java enabled Wavelet Tutorial, Digital Signal Processing at Rice University
  13. Surfing the Wavelets, by J. Altmann
  14. Wavelets: An Elementary Introduction and Examples , by M. Ueda and S. Lodha
  15. A Really Friendly Guide to Wavelets by Valens
  16. Wavelets: Seeing the Forest and the Trees
  17. Wavelets for Kids (Introductory (for very smart kids!)), Brani Vidakovic and Peter Mueller
  18. Filter Coefficients to Popular Wavelets, Pascal Getreuer
  19. Signal Processing using Wavelets for Enhancing Electronic Nose Performance- Ekachai Phaisangittisagul (PhD thesis)
  20. Wavelet Transform Adaptive Signal Detection - Wensheng Huang(PhD thesis)
  21. Wavelet Analysis- Jacques Lewalle
  22. Wavelets and Filter Banks Course Notes- Dr. W. J. Phillips
  23. An introduction to wavelet transforms: a tutorial approach- Leavey, James and Sutton
  24. WAVELETS FOR KIDS-A Tutorial Introduction-Brani Vidakovic and Peter Muller
  25. A Gentle Introduction to Wavelets-E. Rehmi Post

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