A Friend of Lily who is also a Friend of FME tipped me off to this thread at reddit.com, which can be a great place to read up on consanguinamory.

Someone going by "GSA Brother" kicked it off...

Never knew my dad growing up. My mom's best friend lived a couple houses down from us. I was best friends with her son and daughter. Her daughter is my age.

In high school, we started dating and ended up having sex. She broke up with me when her mom told her we had the same father. We were both pretty upset by it. We thought we were in love.
If she lived a couple houses down, that is an interesting situation. Usually, what we describe as Genetic Sexual Attraction happens when one or both/all the of the people involved spend almost no time together from about age seven well into puberty, and then are reunited or introduced. When genetic relatives are raised together and fall in love, that is generally not considered GSA because there is a different social dynamic at work. But is growing up a couple of doors away being raised together or apart? I guess it depends. Many people have fallen in love with the girl or guy "next door" even though they knew each other throughout childhood.
It was a long time before we started even talking again. But at college (we both go to the same state university) we got to the point we were hanging out all the time like 'before' and eventually our attraction to each other got the best of us. We had sex again. I loved it, but she was freaked out and scared.

We talked it through, and we decided to give it a try as a couple, but in secret from anyone who knew about us being siblings (half).

We've been together for over two years now. Our parents know about it now, and hate it.

So, that was the short version I guess. There was a lot of drama about our relationship when we were in high school (rightfully so).
It's too bad that the parents aren't more supportive.

It is good to see that people left supportive comments. The original poster added about his genetic father...
He was married to her mother. They have since divorced. He's always been a real quiet guy. I don't know him all that well, and have never considered him to be my father in anything but blood. He cheated on her mom with my mom. They were all friends. My mom married a good man who adopted me after they were married. My step dad is the only 'father' I recognize. His name is on my birth certificate (that's how that kind of adoption works even though he didn't come along until after I was born).
After multiple cautions about having biological children...
We're still young (just finishing our undergraduate degrees), but we have discussed starting a family. We want to get married (different last names, not legally related). We want to adopt or foster, or both.
Several people spoke up in defense of having biological children together.

Good for you. Im happy when people find love and fight for it no matter what others think of them. As for the kids, I have a friend in genetics and according to him the risk depends of your family genetics history. Which we all know about. But there is also a good part to it. most people, when in comes to inbreeding, think only about the defect of the genetics. But the opposite also exist. For instance, if your family has a good immune system, the kids will have a better one. If you are both good looking, the kids will be hot. You are smart, they will be intelligent. You get the idea. Its 2 side of the same coin. Same reason why some farmers inbreed their animals. Better if both of them have good genetics.

In the end it will be all up to you. But if i was in your place, i will try to have kids. I would want to see the love of my life pregnant with my kids. NO matter how the child will be, he or she will be love.

It is good to see so much support. This is a couple I'd very much like to interview. I wish them all the best.

This sort of thing probably happens more than people think. Affairs happen among neighbors, or one man may date more than one woman in the same neighborhood, and if pregnancies result, half siblings can be classmates and not even know of their genetic relation.

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