You may have seen recent reports of a building in Brooklyn identified as a place for polyamorous people. Having places were ethical nonmonogamy is supported in the middle of a larger culture where monogamy is the official party line is nothing new. See, for example, the Oneida Community. More recently, and ongoing, New Culture camps are welcoming and supportive. Whether retreats or persistent residential communities, whatever form of ethical nonmonogamy it is called (free love, polaymory, polygamy, plural marriage, group marriage, open relationships, swinging), it has always gone on, sometimes hidden for safety.

Having safe places for people who are targeted for discrimination is an ongoing tradition of compassion and self-preservation. African Americans had a printed directory of places that would offer welcoming accommodations during travels. LGBT people had gay bars, which were sometimes targeted for raids.

I have said, have jokingly, in discussions with Friends of Lily that what lovers in consanguinamorous relationships need are places called Lily Pads. Currently, people in these relationships can only be free if they relocate permanently. Otherwise, vacations far from home can provide the only time they can stroll hand in hand, smooch, dance, and share a romantic night out.

It is really a shame that there would have to be places set aside for consenting adults to love each other without others causing them trouble. Let's keep evolving into a more positive world!

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