I really wanted to call this blog post The Death of Tile - but you know how un SEO friendly that is. However, it's true.  For quite some time now, we've been moving away from tile in kitchens - (41% of people have tile in their kitchens, 2% have carpet - I struggle with that last statistic) yes even for the backsplash and moving toward more natural products like wood and cork?  Why?  Several reasons. 

1.  Foodies and chefs (are you one of these?) say that tile is very hard on your feet and legs when standing for long periods.
2.  Glassware and dishes break more easily on tile.
3.  Open concept homes look better with a single flooring type used throughout the space.
4.  4x4 floor tiles make a space look cluttered and even when matched to the tile, grout calls attention to itself when it should not be the star of any show.

Cork tiles

Here we have our favorite alternatives for you.

Cork and bamboo are the environmentally preferred kitchen flooring options.  They come in all colors and patterns and work for any design style (that we can think of ....maybe not in an igloo??)

Bamboo - so green (it's actually brown, but environmentally friendly.)

What do you think of this, porcelain tile that looks like wood?


But, we gotta say that for our dollars, wood (and by that I also mean pergo, laminate etc..) never goes out of style.  It has been in use in homes since the 1600's (seemingly at Versailles) ...and is uber durable and long lasting.  It comes in almost every color and can be repaired, refinished and repurposed easily.

But, here's what's new.  We are recommending that you go Larger,  Lighter and Duller(?).  Larger plank widths and lighter finishes and less shiny finishes.  Here's why:
  • Larger planks give the space a more seem-less look acting like a whole house rug than bits and pieces of flooring. 
  • Larger planks can be less time consuming and less expensive to install.
  • Lighter flooring shows less dirt and fewer scratches.
  • Matte (dull, less shiny) finishes also show fewer scratches and tend to complement our current home styles and lifestyles better. 

If your design style is coastal, modern or perhaps romantic
white or gray distressed finishes will work well in your home.

So there you have our latest recommendation for choosing kitchen flooring.  It's hip, it's now and it's forever too.  But, if this all seems just too complicated, don't forget, our interior designers can do it all for you.  Start your kitchen design today




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