So, you have this weird or not so weird niche in your home, perhaps there are several, very Southwestern or Italianate interior design style (design stylefinder)? Perhaps there is a large space above your fireplace where we all used to install our big honkin' tv's before the invention of flat screens, or perhaps it's just random, the brain child of the architect, interior designer or homeowner that must have had something in mind, but what that was, none of us will ever know.

Good news!  There are several easy solutions for filling these gaps and making them look like gorgeous.

1.  Cover it with art of the same size or a grouping of items.


2.  Make it disappear.  This terrific art installation takes your eye off the niche and puts it on the art itself. A collection of pottery is the perfect accessory for this Southwestern space.  But in your home, perhaps your collection is books or teacups or modern objects. 

3.  The art or accessories used must be the right scale, color and style for your niche(s)  using the 2/3rds rule. (You can find out more about that in our e-book My Room Rescue). 

4.  Add a shelf inside the niche.   As you can see, these items are too small and make the space look awkward. By adding one or two shelves in the middle, not only do you gain more storage, but also the right scale display.


5.  Use Balance a niche against another furnishing/art/etc... of similar size.

6.  Get rid of it.  It's typically inexpensive to have a small niche dry walled or plastered over.

Using these tips you'll be an expert on designing your wall niche and even other weird spots.

Thanks to our designers for these terrific ideas, but if you find it's still too much to deal with just hire us to solve your weird room spot in a snap!. 


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