Many of us struggle in choosing art and accessories for our home.  My sister doesn't even have any art on her walls because she and her husband can't agree on where to put it and feel like each nail hole is a tragedy.  It's not, there is always toothpaste to fill that hole - or if it's small enough just paint over it and the paint will fill it.  Do NOT tell my husband I said either of those things.

Maybe you have plenty of art, but just don't understand why your room still doesn't seem 'put together."
So we have 3 recommendations from our designers for arting your home (aka. how to choose art).

1.  Make sure you or your designer (that's us of course) have selected your room's color palette. If you have a defined palette - select art based on that.

If you have warm tones
Pick me!

If you have cool tones
Pick me!
2.  Or, let the art that you love define your room's palette.

Amazing wall hanging sets the tone. 

3.  EDIT! Starting with your larger art  (by art we mean any wall decor it could be metal or a painting or a wall hanging or whatever) pieces 1st.  Then fill in your room with smaller pieces.  Keep frames finishes consistent. And, if you have more than  6 or 8 things hanging on the wall in any room (excluding a gallery wall)'s too much (crazy land).  Remember, it's always right to put a single large piece of art over the sofa or bed.

So, time to start arting your room or editing using these 3 tips on how to choose art for your space.  But, if you want more info on 'arting your home' check out our e-book 'My Room Rescue" for those of us who are not interior designers, but would like to figure it out on our own.

Or, if you really don't have time for that, just order a service from us and it'll be done by our pros in a snap. You do deserve a dream living room don't you?  You work hard!


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