My friend Elizabeth asked me for a picture of my world famous flip flop front door wreath.  And so, I'm taking this opportunity to share this 'flop secret' wreath design with you too.  Much like getting professional design services from making this wreath is simple, affordable and totally you. 

1.  You will need a wreath frame like this one.  It cost an un-godly $11 (I was in a rush.)  You could use other types of wreathes, but they must have at least one flat side so that you can glue on the flip flops.  We typically want to use a larger wreath size.  Our front doors are large (unless you live in a house built prior to 1800) so to be the right scale you need use a wreath of 18" or more. 

2.  4 pairs of Flip flops - you can use any size, but I think you don't want to use a giant mans size - might look a little creepy.  I used adult medium.  You should be able to find these for $.99 - $1.99 at Big Lots or Hobby Lobby or grocery store.  Frankly, the wreath form cost more than the flip flops I think.  Choose your flip flop color with your front door color in mind.  For example if your front door is red or rust do NOT use Pink! 

3.  Faux flowers.  I used daisies because they looked happy and summery and yellow and pink are a favorite combination of mine.  Make it your style using your favorite summer flowers.  You will need to buy 8 large (like 4") or 16 medium sized stems.  You need to make sure the flowers fill in well around the flip flops so that you can't see the wreath form.  And remember - you can always return the extras.   These might be .99 (good price) to $4.99 (ugh too much.) 

When it's all done and hung it looks like this:          

And just in case you need more how to help, the back of it looks like this: 
What says summer better than flip flops? And, a flip flop wreath is simple, affordable and, I can't wait to see how you make it 'totally you'. 

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