For most of us, 1/3 of our lives will be spent in our homes, so time and $$$ spent here can be a great investment.  However, spending time and money on your home and hating it a year later is NOT a great investment.  For this reason, timeless home design principles should serve as the foundation of any home decor.   These will allow you  to love your home forever, but still keep it fresh and totally you.   Here are our exclusive tips for achieving a design that is timeless for your home.
     1. What Am I Doing in This Room?

I ask myself that question every day, but not because of interior design.  You’ll never be happy in a space unless it allows you to do what you and your family love to do, whether that means snuggle, watch TV, play games or do yoga.  A room that is stuffy, will never work for kids.  I choose my fabrics to match the color of my dog and cats hair – so you can’t see it quite so much. You get the idea. Start your timeless design by listing the functions your family needs. 

2. Know Your Design Style

If you don’t, start with our MyDesignGuide Stylefinder Quiz.  In 60 seconds, you’ll have a better idea of the style you’ll want to focus on long term.  This makes it easy to decorate and buy appropriate items that fit the design of your home.   Do NOT tell my sister that I said this, but this is what is keeping her from loving the design in her home.  Her style is Asian, Rustic, Modern with a bit of Coastal flair.   Crazyland.   Identify your primary design style and then add art and accessories to give it your personal touch. 

3.  Use Neutral Colors as The Backdrop

Neutrals (white, tan, gray, black and even navy blue) are the ‘little black dress” of interior design and key for timeless home design.  They work for every style and color palette and should be used especially for the larger more expensive pieces in your home (i.e. sofa, rugs, drapery.) This doesn’t mean you can’t buy that lime green accent pillow, red laquer bowl or purple lamp shade, just don’t spend a LOT of money on them because in the long run, they will be here today, gone tomorrow. 

So those are our top 3 tips for timeless home design.  Want more home design tips?  Check out our design guides.  Or, if this stuff is just too much work, “Hey, I’m busy!”  No worries, our MyDesignGuidee-decorating service will create a timeless, but unique design just for you.  


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