The Population Health Blog feels your pain.

You're the co-leader of a population health initiative.  It may involve an mHealth app, a new decision support tool, a novel care management nurse training program, a community-based intervention, a new type of telephonic outreach, a web-based messaging system, a new way of engaging high risk patients, relying on lay-persons for patient education, a different approach to predictive modeling, a better way to support the patient centered medical home or a report on the benefits of "big data."

You have outcomes.  They may be decreased costs, increased quality, higher levels of consumer satisfaction, lower absenteeism, better presenteeism, medication compliance, enhanced experience of care, lower utilization, better accuracy or something else.

You want to tell the world about it.  That's because it will help like-minded colleagues take better care of patients, convince policymakers that population health is beneficial, differentiate your company against the competition, generate some contructive feedback or get you an excuse to travel to a warmer climate.

And now you can. If any of the above applies to you, or even if it doesn't, you may want to check out The Population Health Alliance Forum.  In addition to its usual tradeshow networking, learning, dinners and fun, the PHA Forum is the place were programs get to strut their stuff.  As an added bonus, it's possible that you'll get to meet the PHB!

The Forum meets Dec. 10-12 in warm sunny Scottsdale AZ.
The link that leads that gives you the information you need is here

You have until April 8.

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