The Disease Management Care Blog remembers those frustrating medical school exams that asked for the best combination of answers from two columns. Unfortunately, the DMCB never quite mastered the professors' trickery.

In response, the DMCB has fashioned it's own test. The good news is that for this quiz, there is no right answer!

Match the numbered statements to the best lettered conclusion below:

1) Asking the White House to fix's "back-end" enrollment problems will be like.....

2)  Labor leaders are discovering that the Washington DC's commitment to AMA-style special carve-outs is like....

3) The White House's surprise that health insurers act like, well... health insurers when it comes to reconciling price, quality and network access is like......

4) Having the "non-partisan" Kaiser Health News saying "it will be challenging for the Affordable Care Act to fully live up to it's name" is like....

5) Assuming market-dominant hospitals will do the "right thing" for the Affordable Care Act is like.....


A) ..... trying to sell Putin bobble-head dolls at a LGBT Pride parade

B) .... hiring the mayor of Atlanta as the tour guide on a trip to the Peoples' Republic of Northeast Vortexistan

C) .... giving Justin Bieber a dozen eggs and a bottle of Xanax.

D) .... the NFL kicking off a "we're knocking concussions out of the game" ad campaign.

E) .... being surprised that a smart former chief federal law enforcement officer in New Jersey has no evidence of personal involvement in a revengeful plot to close some bridge lanes

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