After reading through this book, I have decided to destroy it rather than donate it to the local library.

The amount of misinformation included here is almost dangerous in its scope. About half way through the book I realized that the inconsistencies would be obvious even to someone not experienced with computer technology.

The preface is dedicated to MCSE instead of A+ exams.

On page 194 he claims that the original Pentiums

The book is riddled with this kind technical inaccuracy, making it unusable.

Sure, some of the information is useful - but what is the point of even trying to use it, if you have to double-check everything with another source because you can’t trust the author?

The next A+ book I read, I hope the author gets the FACTS right.. include 16KB L1 Cache. On page 195, he claims they support up to 512KB L1 Cache.

Summary: I have to agree that this book is very poor

Rating: 1
I, too, starting working on computerscomputer review Certainly news to me, and Intel, that the Pentium III is available in Socket 478CPUS

That’s just an example from Chapter 1. I’m sure I’ll find a multitude more if I can stomach the rest of the book - there must be something useful in it. didn’t need heatsinks (yeah, maybe the 286). books. “A+ Certification Study Guide, Fifth Edition” by Michael Pastore needs to be removed from circulation. in 1991 and own dozens of , a contradiction to author’s prior statement that all P2s and P3s were SEC (Slot-1), or that prior



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